This should be a familiar scene to any readers from my homeland. I spent several hours last new year’s eve on a ride along with an old friend, now an officer with the Sabina Police. It was prior to the break of midnight, so it remained fairly calm and uneventful. Yet the world (in)famous Crow Bar is always trusted to be a source of entertainment for many. Here, a lifelong Sabina native and his apparently uncontrollable mouth were the cause of our visit. After winning one of the most genius quotes of the year saying, “I wasn’t running my mouth. I’m too fucked up to run my mouth,” he narrowly escaped arrest (as far as I know for that evening) yet continued to loiter outside, not knowing that we in the cruiser were hiding in an alley, watching him, waiting for a slip up. Small town drama makes some worlds go round.

Police in Sabina, Ohio, speak with a well known local youth outside one of the rougher bars in town. (Quinn Ryan Mattingly)