A Sunday or two ago the plan was to get out of the city for the day, explore and find some photographs. The destination was Cần Giờ (pronounced yuh), a huyện, or official district of HCMC, but as the others like it, much more rural than where I and several million others find land. Though a nice, wide open ride in the sunshine it was, the island didn’t produce much worth taking the lens cap off for. However, as a consolation prize, there are always monkeys. A certain spread of forest and river are rife with the cute little things. Of course to harness the tourist dollars, or cents really, a monkey circus exists, where a few times a day, the up to several dozen people in attendance, are treated to a show of a few mangier than normal dogs, semi competent in several old tricks, a monkey or two fairly good their stunts and an alligator that was taunted with a bamboo pole and then hurled with money rubber banded to rocks. Oh Vietnam, you never cease to amaze me.