Funeral For A Friend

Though for several days I thought my demise was eminent, I still walk this earth with air in my lungs. It started, I believe, with a trip to the Mekong Delta for Tet, Lunar New Year, here in Vietnam, where the mosquitoes were nearly as plentiful as oxygen in the air, and at least of of them gave me a special present in the form on Dengue Fever. Hopefully nearing the end of my suffering now, the past week brought misery I hope I never know again. At first I thought it was food poisoning, but after not improving for several days, I made a hesitant trip to the hospital, where my diagnosis was confirmed. It was mixed feelings. At least I knew, but it wasn’t such a good thing to know. Anyway, after nearly a week with no food, today I have got some nutrients in me, and think I’m close to back on track.