Phuong Mai Binh, owner and operator of Sidecar Adventures Vietnam, in portrait on his Russian made machine used by Northern Vietnamese forces during the war. He has now bought and restored 20 of them, which he uses for this unique way to experience Ho Chi Minh City and beyond. (Quinn Ryan Mattingly)

I recently returned from an extended trip to Bali just in time to take on an assignment from my agency Noi Pictures for the Wall Street Journal. It was covering a very cool local guy called Phuong, who’s giving tours of the city, and elsewhere around the country, on his vintage motorbike sidecars that originated in Russia and were given to the Northern Vietnam army during the war.

Anyway, the writer can explain much better than I can, so read the article and check out the additional photos, and if you’re ever in Saigon, give Phuong a shout at +84-93-219-9991 and take a ride with him. You won’t regret it!