I haven’t done too much multimedia or video work recently, beyond these two pieces which my friend just posted, so I thought I would also share them here now. I worked with the same crew of friends on both of them as the DP, and also did a majority of the camera work.

This was the most recent one, just finished about a month ago. It was a corporate video for the Vietnam division of an international media agency.

(make sure the CC button is on for subtitles)

This one was done last October as a part of the 48 Film Project in Ho Chi Minh City. Like it sounds, you have 48 hours to write, produce and edit a short film, while adhering to a few conditions given to you by the organizers. Essentially, on Friday night we received our film genre, and began writing it not long after. We shot all day and night Saturday, forgoing sleep and wrapping about 8am on Sunday morning. I went home for a bit of shut eye as the others holed up in the editing room. We got it finished, exported and delivered with about fifteen minutes to spare. It was a pretty crazy and busy weekend, but was quite a lot of fun.