A few weeks ago I was approached by Sleeklens, a Denmark based company making digital workflows, to try out one of their sets, the aptly named Strike A Pose Portrait Workflow for Lightroom.  In short, it comes with a selection of ‘all in one’ presets, a set of steps to be used if you want more creative choices that take you through the edit, and then a wide variety of brushes for retouching all the parts of a face. While of course we could do all of this manually in Lightroom, having the option of a quick click for what you want to do can really help speed things up.

I though this would be a good chance to check out a potentially very useful product and new way of working, and a chance to revisit some of my fashion, commercial and wedding images to see if they could be done any different.


All the before and afters below are straight out of camera and the results after the workflow. In the spirit of experimentation, I tried a number of different things, just to see what would happen. Typically, I don’t use many filters on my professional work, but it’s always fun to mess around when it’s not for the client!


First up my wife, master of hair swing!

Used: All in one Sunset Portrait with a number of brushes on the hair and face.


Used: All in one Deep Portrait (modified), Step 2 darken, Step 5 high contrast, Step 6 black dreamy vignette, all modified a bit as well.


Used: All in one Duo (changed back to color),Step 2 darken, Step 3 reduce reds, Step 5 high contrast & color pop, and various brushes on the hair and face


This was a shot from a commercial shoot for high end wedding dress studio last year.

Used: All in one Sparkle Sparkle, Step 1 auto color, Step 2 less highlights, Step 3 fix red skin, Step 4 hawaii color 2, Step 6 black dreamy vignette, and a few brushes to lighten and contour the face a bit.


From a pre-wedding shoot for a lovely bride to be last year as well.

Used: Step 1 auto color, Step 2 brighten, Step 2 darken shadows, Step 4 less saturation, Step 5 hi contrast, and a few brushes to boot.


From a shoot from a favorite local client who makes jewlery

Used: All in one High Key Sunset, modified a bit and of course few brushes to perfect it.


Another one from a commercial wedding dress shoot last year.

Used: All in one Kaleidoscope, Step 1 Into The Woods base, Step 2 darken shadows and more highlights, Step 3 reduce reds, and some brushes like blush, contour and highlight on the face.


So, overall I quite like this Strike A Pose Workflow, and I’m sure the other ones Sleeklens makes could prove quite useful as well. If you’re looking to speed up your Lightroom or Photoshop processing a bit with simple clicks to add creative looks, it’s definitely worth a giving it a shot! Check out the videos on their website for more in-depth walkthroughs on how it actually works and then go get started!