While I was in my hometown in southwestern Ohio recently, I finally got to do a bit of collaboration with one of my oldest friends, who also happens to be one hell of a musician. Jesse, who goes by the stage name Gran Bel Fisher, has seen a fair bit of national and international acclaim over the past decade or so, and now spends more time in our hometown of Sabina, taking in inspiration from the quiet life, and continuing to produce great music.

Over a few days while I was visiting, we decided to shoot a music video for one of his latest songs. After waiting a week or two hoping for the snow to arrive, it finally did just after Christmas, and we had the scenery we wanted. Along with my girlfriend from Vietnam, who was also visiting with me, we spent a few very cold hours over a several days getting what we needed. I think you’ll find the music is better than quick cinematography I did, but anyway, I really dig the song and video, and thought I’d share it here. If you enjoy, please check out more of GBF’s music and videos on his channel.