My good friend Tam from the Green Bamboo Shelter in Saigon. He arrived just after I did, nearly two years ago, and we have spent a lot of time together. I’m trying to get him out of Vietnam, as he basically has no family, and I think his future would only be from shelter to shelter if not. I’m away from him, and all my friends there for a while, but think about them everyday and miss them a lot.

I’ve opted for a short stint in Korea once again, in an attempt to better my financial status. Photography and travel are not cheap directions in life. As of now, I’m quite missing Vietnam, even the hot weather, but especially my friends at Green Bamboo. Leaving them this time was quite hard, maybe more so for them. I was fairly successful in holding back tears, the boys less so. However, I know I’ll see them again soon, and until them, there are photos and messages.