The Phu My Orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is home to several hundred children with disabilities, many of which are terminal. It was founded and operated by the Catholic church, but currently funded by the Vietnamese goverment, along with private donations. Many visitors donate their time, efforts and love to help the severely outnumbered and overworked staff, which they are happy to do after spending even the shortest time with the young souls there. (Quinn Ryan Mattingly)

Nearly all inside extract from you such a feeling of pity and helplessness. It is hard, and sad to imagine that their lives won’t go much farther than bed they currently rest in. And, theoretically, they have so much life ahead of them. They are all young souls. The Phu My Orphanage in Saigon, Vietnam is home for nearly three hundred disabled children, most without prognosis for improvement. Some are lively, others motionless, and other still can be seen battling to break free their internal prisons. Of all the faces, this one especially, elicits philosophical thoughts. To think that he cannot, nor may ever, see anything this beautiful world has to offer. He is only attuned to the pain. Surely it is better to be sighted, but in those environs, what is there to see? Only others suffering as well. Is it better to see, to know you’re not alone in pain, or is there a benefit in having such a world blocked from your eyes and mind? At this moment, I have no answers.

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