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The Phu My Orphanage in central Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The complex of buildings and rooms are the current and foreseeable home for several hundred children, who were unlucky enough to be born in less than perfect conditions. In countries such as Vietnam, where daily sustainability is fragile, the added weight of a special needs child becomes simply unmanageable. When exiled from the family, they must fall somewhere. Phu My is one of nearly countless sanctuaries in Vietnam where unwanted children can be received. Present effects of past warfare leave Vietnam with more cases of medically disabled children than many other nations. With many more children than staff, individual attention can be sparse. These leaves a space that many volunteers are willing to fill. Often after spending even the shortest time with some of the residents, people from around the world are motivated to help these souls in anyway they can.

During my days in Vietnam, I have spent much time and effort to help the less fortunate Vietnamese youth. From the Green Bamboo Shelter, where the kids have functioning bodies and minds, but lack social supports, to the children of Phu My which lack both. I have never enjoyed any times of my life as much as time spent helping them. Difficult it can be for sure, but rewarding like nothing else.

I have published these images in the hopes of awakening great awareness to the situations that require our help around the world. Sure, we all have our own problems that could occupy lifetimes, but when compared to those of others, the can often pail in comparison. I ask that you view these images, feel for the children, if even briefly, and do what you can to help if you feel compelled.